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I have been a resident of Pennsylvania since 2002 when I moved from Poland. I obtained dual MFA in Fiber Art and Printmaking at The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland (currently: University of Arts). Since my arrival to the US I have been dividing my time between teaching and working on my own art. 

I evenly enjoy fiber art and printmaking. My interests are in textures and structures, whether natural or man-made. My observation and interpretation of both is presented in my prints and fiber art works. Currently I am Professor of Fiber Art and Printmaking at Slippery Rock University. Over the years I have participated in numerous national and international art exhibitions.


My work in both areas: printmaking and fiber art reflect my interest in natural and man-made world. The richness of textures, structures and forms in our environment inspire me. I look for the beauty in microscopic detail or in a large architectural structure. My methodology is consistent: I look, analyze, deconstruct, build and assemble my vision. Materials and techniques are similar in all my work, but in each piece there is a new view of my experience. My works are mostly monochromatic or achromatic to maintain the simplicity and to focus on composition and textures.
By continuing work in a series, I create a representation of my observations and recollections. I analyze while searching for answers on the co-existing of two worlds: nature and man-made.




Barbara Westman


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